a forever kind of dream
by ifeanyi ogbo
_________________________ . ________________________

the ecstasy of love

being of light
do you remember the streets of gold?
do you recall running free with stars, tame lions and angels on the palms of God?
do you get the blues, a longing for a place that is not here?
the camera not even capturing what you feel.
be still.
we are only the adopted children of mother earth.
you are made from a light that scientists cannot comprehend.
galaxies in the farthest plains of the universe know your name.
your soul longs for Paradise,
seeking for it in absurd places,
getting lost in dark spaces.
but only when we lose ourselves to the ecstasy of love,
do we find ourselves, alive with joy,
closer and closer to heaven.

*   *   *

of a pearl who thought she was mud
you are the whole expanse of the glorious night sky;
magnificent by nature, majestic to behold,
but all your dazzling stars have been hidden
by clouds of insecurity

you are God’s love song to the world
the greatest ballad ever, a melody made of stardust
but you’ve turned down your volume
and the world can’t hear your lyrics

you are a pearl,
everything bright, brilliant, and beautiful
but you’re hidden within an oyster shell of fears
lost in a monstrous sea of self doubt

you are the center of God’s most central thoughts,
the most vivid dream of the universe,
a miracle created to create miracles,
the seed of a great oak tree
waiting to bloom into a forest

so bloom Darling
burst out from the oyster shell of fears
that is too small to contain your big pearl of dreams
breakaway from clouds of insecurity
that have nothing on your array of stars of possibility
turn up the volume of your life’s music
and let the world dance to the rhythm
of a life well lived.

*   *   *

so she told the moon
how she had aimed for a man’s heart
through his stomach
but instead ended up down south

how easy it had been to pass
geography in high school
but how she flunked badly
when it got down
to the topography of the male heart

what is the way to a man’s heart?
did one have to swim through the river of his skin
or walk through the valley of his spleen
was it through the ocean of his eyes
or was it determined by the climate down south
punctuated with hurricanes of primal lust

the moon listened
like it did every night
to the musings of the sons and daughters of the universe
and gave its reply
through the silent still of the night wind;

the way to a man’s heart is through his heart,
but first,
you have to find a man with a heart

*   *   *

the whole universe
is an orgasm of God’s love,
and when we do things with passion,
with the innate love of the spirit,
we have an orgasm within an orgasm.
anything lower than that
is just bad sex.

© Ifeanyi Ogbo