craig tomashoff
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We first met CRAIG TOMASHOFF back in the mid-'90s, when we both worked at the L.A. offices of Time Inc. on the Westside, a block away from Stoner Avenue and Marilyn Monroe's high school alma mater.  Craig was at People magazine, where he rose from reporter to Associate Bureau Chief, while we toiled down the hall as a staff writer for WHO Weekly, Time Inc.'s People spinoff in Australia. These days Craig is a freelance writer/producer based in Los Angeles. His blogs appear regularly on Huffington Post. Most recently, he was a producer for The Queen Latifah Show. Prior to that, Craig served as Executive Editor of TV Guide after his stint at People. He's also written for the Hollywood Reporter, the Los Angeles Times, the New York Times and Emmy magazine. He's the author of You Live, You Learn: The Alanis Morissette Story and he co-wrote I’m Screaming As Fast As I Can: My Life In B-Movies with Linnea Quigley. Craig has also worked as a television writer/producer for such series as The Martin Short Show, The Late Show With Craig Kilborn, The Arena With Jesse Ventura, Spike’s Fame For 15 and VH1’s Behind the Music and Super Secret Movie RulesThe Can't-idates is his first road trip political memoir. And most likely his last.